Green Energy

Depot Park is committed to attracting clean technology industries to its facility, and to lowering the carbon footprint of its own operations. Currently home to a number of clean technology companies, Depot Park has pursued an aggressive “industrial greening” program that involves energy efficiency applications, significant landscaping improvements, and the seeking of LEED certification for building improvements from the Green Building Council. The Depot Park Solar Project contributes to the LEED program underway at Depot Park. Situated in California’s capitol city of Sacramento and in a facility housing significant state operations, the Depot Park Solar Project is also a significant component of the State of California’s overall climate change initiatives. 

The energy generated by the Depot Park Solar Project eliminates the need to produce an equivalent amount of electricity at conventional power plants. Depot Park seeks to provide a significant green technology leadership example for the City of Sacramento, benefitting the Sacramento Region and the city’s “Greenwise” initiative in attracting additional green technology related businesses to our region.